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Ups and Downs of Bootcamp

blogI have read blogs for the past few years, but en3177 has forced me to produce one myself.  Choosing a topic for a post is the first hurdle, sometimes it comes to me easy other times not so much.  I have gotten into a bad habit of posting every other day, oops.  Personally I like time to reflect on what I have written, look over it a few last final times, and then post.  It is very difficult for me to post just anything, that’s what twitter is for.  Even though I attempt to put such time into my posts, they haven’t gotten my posts to reach such lengths compared to some of my classmates. It’s not a competition but I would like to surpass at least 200 more often.  Though I’m not sure how to accomplish this besides more in-depth looking into topics and linking more.  A good place to start may be the the Daily Post, WordPress has daily and weekly challenges to produce content.  I think this would be a good way to connect with the community of WordPress as well as motivation to posts new and exciting things, daily.   Additionally I had anticipated that there would be more direction from the daybook, perhaps it’s the name, on topics that we would be posting on.  So far class posts included: RSS, Creative Commons, and intro.

I have had a twitter from way back in the day when it wasn’t cool yet and you would receive tweets in the form of text.  After googling how to find my first twee for at least 10 mins, apparently mine was “Wow i just spilled my spaghetti on the carpet floor, the sauce went everywhere. good thing half of it didnt fall so i can still eat something”.  See I’m a foodie at heart, even my first tweet was about food.  I don’t really have anything ever to tweet about.  I enjoy scrolling through other peoples tweet but writing them myself hasn’t been happening for the past few months in general let alone about class beyond linking to new posts.

Commenting on other peoples work has been alright so far.  It can be a struggle to read others people work about topics your not particularity interested in, but it is good challenge because it forces me to expand my horizons and learn about new things.