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3D Printed Food Comming Near to You Soon?

NM-Foodini-renderingEating food from a printer may sound pretty far fetch to be happening anytime soon, especially with the current costs of such printers.  Never the less companies are developing different food items that will be able to hit the market soon.  At the Consumer Electronic Show 2014 in Las Vegas, the first restaurant-grade certified 3-D printer was unveiled – the ChefJet.

3d print

It is about the size of a microwave and makes chocolate and sugar candies in any geometric shape imaginable.  Don’t get too excited yet, this printer will cost you $5,000 for only a one color option, or $10,000 for the top model that is multicolored and can print photograph-quality pictures for decorating deserts.

If sugar isn’t your thing maybe you would prefer pasta.  The next 3D printer that could be in your kitchen later this year is the Foodini.  Natural Machine’s Foodini can make all kinds of foodini, “technology, food, art and design”.  Soon people who don’t to spend time making dough for ravioli, rolling it out, and stuffing it with cheese will able to sit back and relax while this little machine does all the work for them.  As well as pasta there is also hamburgers with layers of ketchup and mustard, and other wild possibilities like a mini space shuttle shaped nugget. The process includes loading fresh ingredients into the machine and then it simply “prints” out the finished product for you.  Some categories of food products so far include: chocolate,  Hershey has teamed up with 3D systems to develop a variety of 3D printed chocolate and non-chocolate products and pizza, NASA is working with a contractor to created 3D printed pizzas for astronauts.choco_3d

Sounds too good to be true?  The main catch with this technology, besides its price tag is the taste.  Because the way the printer works it prints out tiny layers upon layers of whatever product has been inserted into it, so it will taste like whatever you put in it.  It’s not a magical devise for delicious food, just really really cool looking food in amazing shapes.  So don’t expect to be able to slack on the cooking, flavorings will be key to make the “food” that these machines produce tasty.