Studio Tours

  • I was first drawn to Katie’s project because I felt like I could gain knowledge from her posts.  Many people have disabilities and I know that I have a lack of understanding about many disabilities when they should be something I am more aware.  Blogs are a great space to share knowledge and Katie used her blog well to do that.  Katie pointed out that every 1 in 4 people has a mental illness, so it safe to assume that we all know someone with one.  With so many people living with mental illnesses it would be good for society to be more aware and understanding of how mental illnesses affect those who have one as others.  I really like the additional media that she adds like images and videos.  By talking about the disability and the sharing the story of well known celebrity Katie is able to relate to the reader and emphasizes her point that disabilities don’t need to hold people back.


  • Movies play a role in society they are frequently apart of our lives.  Personally I love learning about new things. Jennifers project interested me because I would like to know more about movies like the score, types of shots, and so on.  Her blog has many topics that cover everything movie related including actors, directors, movie reviews, animation and more.  I like the informative way in which she writes.  The blog itself is very engaging and easy to navigate.  Overall I enjoy Jennifer’s blog and find the topics that she writes about to be quite interesting.


  • For Ambers project on alternative fashion it seems fitting that shes uses a wiki since the content is informative and describes the various types of fashions and this also allows others to contribute.  Her page is to be used as a source of information and I think she executes this well. I had seen the style lolita before and never had really thought much about it besides it being a Japanese style.  It was cool learning about why people started doing it and how others use it her in America.  Fashion is such an integral part of how we express ourselves, by learning about where trends came from and what they mean to the people that take part in them we can learn more about that person.  Amber’s wiki page was very well put together and I enjoyed the videos she used.



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