How RSS Simplifed My Life

I have been using a RSS reader for a couple years now.  I couldn’t believe why I hadn’t been using this wonderful tool sooner.  I am subscribed to at least 20 cooking and beauty blogs, yup more food shocking. The RSS reader I use for my personal interests is attached to my Firefox toolbar which makes it extremely easy to hover over the subscribed website to see new delicious recipes.

Feedly seems alright but I’ve already subscribed to everyone through WordPress so the reader basically already does the same thing, except I can include the Daybook and WeblogsandWikis site.  An advantage of a services like Feedly is that you can log into it at any computer, whereas I can only look at the sites I subscribed to through Firefox on my personal laptop which can be inconvenient when I’m on campus.


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  1. I think that the ability to use Feedly from any computer/device is also its biggest advantage. I bookmark all of my favorite sites so Feedly has really been helpful in that department!

  2. I haven’t used the Firefox RSS tool, but if it suits, use it.

    WP allows users to follow other WP blogs, and it’s limited to that. That gives a nice focus. RSS readers or services let you also subscribe to wiki pages, D2L pages, and news, as you do already. It’s like drinking from the firehouse!

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