Project Review

Taken straight from my project proposal, “There is a obesity epidemic in the U.S. and in order for fix this Americans need to become more knowledgeable about nutrition. My goal is to inform people about how to make healthier decision and the tricks food producers use as marketing tactics, as well as promote cooking at home.”

I chose a blog because I really like the way that some “internet personalities” are able to create communities through their blogs. The whole set of wikis kind of turned me off because I was not a fan of how they are set up. When I was trying to make a new page it took me like a hour, and let me tell you I am very technology literate and have no problem working with new programs but something about wikis had my mind drawing a blank. The way WordPress has a text box set up with all the links I need is comforting.  Furthermore the whole concept of a wiki page always being under construction is not my style at all. It just doesn’t work for me to publish unfinished work.

What I did:
Looking back at my archives I did a lot of posts. At first my goal was to do two long posts of about 800 words and one other smaller one that would be on a popular topic like a new ad or something. For my informative posts I use a style of writing that reminds me of what I would do if I was writing an article. I spend a good amount of time looking at other recent articles and research about the topic, use those articles to find the key information and then bring that all together to create one comprehensive blog posts. Through my post I then link back to the articles that I used as references, for example this post on drinking your calories.  I think it is very important I use trustworthy sources for my information.  That way my readers can go look at more information and verify what I am saying in my posts.

I wanted to post more about marketing techniques that food producers use.  The issue I had with this is that new products or advertisements only come out so often, because of this I could not assume that there was going to be a new topic for me to write about each week.

There was times when I needed to restructure the way that I was working.  During April I started posting four times a week because I was not getting the length that I wanted so I compensated by posting more often.  I feel like posting often is a good way to direct traffic to your blog and is very important in the initial creation of a blog.

What went not so well?
This wasn’t an issue per se but I found while I was gaining traffic on my blog that I should disclose that I am not a registered dietitian. For each post I spend about two or three hours becoming knowledgeable about a topic, post the important information I have learned, and then share links in order for readers to find out more information themselves.  I find myself staying away from some topics and trying to be purely informative about the nutrition posts because I would never want to influence someone to make damaging decisions.

Did I accomplish my objective?
I choose the topics I write about because I want to inform people so that they can live a happy, healthy life. In my objective it may seem I focusing on overweight and obesity issue but that is because being overweight leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2, and some cancers which can all be prevented by living a healthy life. Therefore I simply want to share information about how important it is to have a healthy diet and how you really are what you eat. A cool quote from my project proposal:

“I want to unmask the processed foods industry and help people make better decisions about the products they are consuming.”

Based on that quote I feel like my blog has done this and is continuing to inform people about their food purchasing decision.

Partially through this blog I discovered that my true passion is food psychology. I remember this moment like ti was just yesterday. I was, like I am now, sitting at Cantabria looking for topics online through some of my usual sources. Because of my thesis topic also being about food, if you haven’t noticed its my favorite thing, I am familiar with this area of study and have read multiple research papers and articles in this field. One of the major players in this filed, Dr. Brian Wansink, tweeted about research he had conducted about chocolate milk in schools. While reading that article I was strangle fascinated with their findings, partially fueled by coffee, but never the less I was have a great time reading about why schools shouldn’t ban chocolate milk. We are all nerds about something but I feel like my is a partially small niche.

I definitely got better at writing posts as time went on. At first I would struggle to hit 800 words but in my last post I was able to get more than 700 words about whole wheat. Who know so much could be said about whole wheat/whole grain foods?  It is extremely important to be passionate about what you are blogging about because you spend hours and hours during the week researching topic and then writing about those topics.  So because of this you better really like what your are blogging about otherwise you will get bored and burnt out real quick.





Initially had in-visioned making a space that is open for dialogues.  In my proposal I said, “blog is the perfect medium for my project because it allow me to be more personal with the readers, hopefully create a community, and allow for open communication through comments.”  So far I haven’t received many comments on my posts.  Maybe the people looking at my blog are just lurkers? I would like to look at information on how to connect with your readers.  I would like to learn more about the analytics that WordPress uses in order to find out what type of posts receive the most traffic.


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