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What You Should Be Having For Breakfast

People seem to be spending less time making a home cooked hot breakfast.  uncooked-oatsThey appear to be more likely to grab a breakfast sandwich on the way to work with a coffee full of cream and sugar, or quickly eat a bowl of unsatisfying cereal.  Stay tuned for a future rant about cereal.  So what should you be having for breakfast?  Protein and complex carbs are suggested, oatmeal will get you on the right parth.

The benefits of oatmeal, besides it being high-performance, energy-producing, cholesterol-lowering breakfast, is quite the list.  We’re talking about old-fashioned plain oats, or steel cut, not the instant stuff with added sugar.  One advantage this superfood has is that it is slow-digesting and high-fiber, which means your stomach wont be growling two hours later.  Additionally, this whole grain has omega-three fatty acids which are amazing and not commonly found.  Oatmeal‘s nutrition is unstoppable.

In order to make your breakfast optimal, protein needs to be incorporated.  I like to do this by having some Greek yogurt but you could also have scrambled eggs, or added protein powder.  Too really be nutritious you can add berries that all chocked up with antioxidants, particularity blue berries.  Fun fact I think raw blue berries are gross and they are only acceptable once baked.  I know it’s a shame I don’t like this superfood but life goes on.

The different forms thatApple-Cinnamon-Oatmeal-Marla-Meridith-IMG_66561 oats can take include steel-cut, rolled (regular or old-fashioned) and quick oats.  Each variety has a different type of taste because there starts to be less texture as the oats are processed more.  I like old-fashioned that take 5 minuets to cook which fits into my schedule and still has enough texture, the 1 minute instant stuff ends up tasting like a cream of wheat mush to be. Pressed for time in the mornings and don’t have much time to spare, I’ve got options for you.  Overnight oats as their name suggests can be made the night before.  The process involves adding liquids like milk or yogurt (for that protein) to a container with the oats and allowing them to soak in the liquid.  Here are some recipes.  Or perhaps a hot breakfast is preferred.  By baking some oats you will have breakfast prepared for the week in no time.  Or you can check out this recipe for Heat and Eat Oatmeal that also can be prepared ahead of time and is very easy.

Here’s some recipes to get you started, I like to add a banana for it’s natural sweetness and extra nutrition.


3D Printed Food Comming Near to You Soon?

NM-Foodini-renderingEating food from a printer may sound pretty far fetch to be happening anytime soon, especially with the current costs of such printers.  Never the less companies are developing different food items that will be able to hit the market soon.  At the Consumer Electronic Show 2014 in Las Vegas, the first restaurant-grade certified 3-D printer was unveiled – the ChefJet.

3d print

It is about the size of a microwave and makes chocolate and sugar candies in any geometric shape imaginable.  Don’t get too excited yet, this printer will cost you $5,000 for only a one color option, or $10,000 for the top model that is multicolored and can print photograph-quality pictures for decorating deserts.

If sugar isn’t your thing maybe you would prefer pasta.  The next 3D printer that could be in your kitchen later this year is the Foodini.  Natural Machine’s Foodini can make all kinds of foodini, “technology, food, art and design”.  Soon people who don’t to spend time making dough for ravioli, rolling it out, and stuffing it with cheese will able to sit back and relax while this little machine does all the work for them.  As well as pasta there is also hamburgers with layers of ketchup and mustard, and other wild possibilities like a mini space shuttle shaped nugget. The process includes loading fresh ingredients into the machine and then it simply “prints” out the finished product for you.  Some categories of food products so far include: chocolate,  Hershey has teamed up with 3D systems to develop a variety of 3D printed chocolate and non-chocolate products and pizza, NASA is working with a contractor to created 3D printed pizzas for astronauts.choco_3d

Sounds too good to be true?  The main catch with this technology, besides its price tag is the taste.  Because the way the printer works it prints out tiny layers upon layers of whatever product has been inserted into it, so it will taste like whatever you put in it.  It’s not a magical devise for delicious food, just really really cool looking food in amazing shapes.  So don’t expect to be able to slack on the cooking, flavorings will be key to make the “food” that these machines produce tasty.

Winter Veggies

sproutsI must admit, I love Brussels sprouts, it’s true, they rank second behind scrumptious acorn squash.

Poor Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation, like sardines for insistence.  I’ve never had sardines but yet it has been said so many times that they are gross so naturally that it is generally what is believed.  When in actuality they can be really useful in cooking because they are naturally salty.  I haven’t tested this out yet but after watching 100+ cooking how-to’s I am open to using them, so far I just haven’t pick any up from the store.

Why you should you give Brussels sprouts a chance? Well they are: yummy, easy, and nutritious.  What more do you need?  Well you could add bacon I suppose to push things over the edge.  In order to make Brussels sprouts the yummy little treat they are they must be roasted until slightly browned and crispy on the outside, yet oh so creamy on the inside.  All that you need to do is pop the frozen little rounds, or fresh, into the oven and let them do their thing for half a hour.  There any many other ways to incorporate in them into other dishes as well.

Check out these other 10 forgotten winter veggies that deserve some more love.

How Cooking Can Change Your Life

This video was posted by The RSA that explains how to can your diet and start to eat well by simply cooking your own food.  It’s a quick summary of a event they held last year with author Michael Pollan.  He suggested that an important step to improve one’s health and well-being is to cook.  For more information you can check out to the audio and video.

I follow this practice myself.  Sure I had pizza two nights ago but I made the dough, added some shredded chicken breast that I also cooked, and had control of every item I put into it.  What are your thoughts on processed foods?

“Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself” Michael Pollan.


Sweet Delight

applesThis past fall I found major affection for apples.  For the past couple years I have been very mindful with what types of food products I am consuming as try to eat a relatively clean diet. I’m sure we will discussing my opinions on food products in the future because it is topic very interesting to me.  In simplistic terms eating clean means in-taking more plants and less things that have many ingredients.  So in my journey to eat cleaner I started to look for different types of fruits I could eat throughout the year at a reasonable price.  My current favorite apple is Braeburn, they’re affordable, crispy and taste wonderful.  Here are some interesting facts about apples:

7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.

Apples are grown in all 50 states.

Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.

Apples are the second most valuable fruit grown in the United States, Oranges are first.

Two-thirds of the fiber and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel.


Fascination With Food

ramsayI have spent hours and hours watching shows about food ranging from how-to’s, how food products are made, eating competitions and so on. Today I spent many hours watching Gordon Ramsy’s Home Cooking and it made me question what is about food that makes it so entertaining.

Many shows are devoted all aspects of it, some involve celebrities that fail at cooking, others are competitions, or simply instructional.  Cooking is a part of a special categorie that unties all people across many regions, young to old, and men and women alike.  The seasonings and methods change, even the way in which meals are ate change but we all eat. 

“Food relating programming has exploded,” Adweek talks about how cooking shows have expanded throughout the years.Image

After watching many dishes be made I did a bit of cooking myself. I made a delicious pot pie for dinner.  If you have not made pot pit with puff pastry before I highly recommend it.  Extremely flaky, buttery, utterly delicious it will change your life, Laura Vitale opened up my mind to the scrumptious possibilities puff pastry. 


My name is Halie and I enjoy all things tasty and furry, separately of course.  Though I am partial to dogs.  I love the way devout to humans and can instantly make you feel appreciated.  Well at least the big one like the one above, this one , or that one.  You get the point with the puppy love, yes they are all puppies no matter how old, but have run into some yipe little ones that are a bit skittish.

Moving on to my next enjoyment in life.  Blogs that incorporate food and pictures are a perfect combination to me.  Cooking has always been a hobby of mine and now I can spend my time scrolling through photos of other people cooking food that I usually never try myself.  Many of hours have been spent on Budget Bytes, The Pioneer Woman, The Shiksa, and others.

My affinity for this style of blogging will hopefully shine through with my own work.  Additionally, I will probably spend an absurd amount of time continuing to play around with the style of this blog, but for now I am simply saying hello.