My name is Halie and I enjoy all things tasty and furry, separately of course.  Though I am partial to dogs.  I love the way devout to humans and can instantly make you feel appreciated.  Well at least the big one like the one above, this one , or that one.  You get the point with the puppy love, yes they are all puppies no matter how old, but have run into some yipe little ones that are a bit skittish.

Moving on to my next enjoyment in life.  Blogs that incorporate food and pictures are a perfect combination to me.  Cooking has always been a hobby of mine and now I can spend my time scrolling through photos of other people cooking food that I usually never try myself.  Many of hours have been spent on Budget Bytes, The Pioneer Woman, The Shiksa, and others.

My affinity for this style of blogging will hopefully shine through with my own work.  Additionally, I will probably spend an absurd amount of time continuing to play around with the style of this blog, but for now I am simply saying hello.


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  1. I am also HUGE into cooking (and eating!!)… I have so many photos of recipes I have been experimenting with, from homemade apples pies to kimchi bokkeumbap to vindaloo. I’ll probably start up a foodie blog one day.

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