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Obligatory Super Bowl Post: Truely American?

So today I clicked on the cliche article “The 10 Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVIII”.  Scarlett Johnson was looking sultry so I had to find out what she was advertising.  Then I saw a post about how great the Coca-Cola ad was: coca

Okay you have my interests now, off to Google I go to see what all the hype is.

I have taken marketing classes, in no way am I an expert, but I have some knowledge.  Now every time I watch a commercial I take it with a grain of salt and analyze it for what it is. I about gagged half way into the 60 second ad.

Coca-cola’s goal is to connect with people, they have managed to create great stories and build emotional ties with its customers that ultimately contribute to the bottom line.

I don’t want to sound unpatriotic but really, this is all about selling a pop.  You see how these brands want you to feel apart of something ? So you consume their products.  If you have a BBQ they want you to have hamburgers and cokes because that’s what the American dream is about.  A great way to sell products is to target peoples emotions.  Here is some previous campaigns that coca-cola has done that show this.

Disclaimer, diversity is great I have no opposition to the use of other languages.  I’m talking about it all from a marketing point.  At what lengths does/can one go to sell products?