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Weekly Review


This week went pretty well.  To start off I did four posts plus the one for class which I think has been my most active week so far. In order to post more regularly I have been planning my posts a day in advance, so that way once I finish one I can hop right onto the next.  I also have been checking news sources so see if there is any fun new information like 3D printed food or Subway that I can write about.  Additionally, I think I should add more categories.  One I will most likely add will be food marketing.  Spoiler I’m working on a post about Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad so stay tuned.

As far as assignments, the reading went well and I found the information to be decent.  But I wasn’t sure about one part of anotating. “Discuss them on your blog, create a diagram or map that collates the ideas, post a slide show or presentation on prezi.”  In order to gain some guidance I looked at what other classmates had been doing and all that I had seen had simply wrote blog posts about what they had found and linked to their sources.  So that’s what I did except I added pictures.  When I am browsing on a web checking out new blogs, if they don’t have pictures I immediately close the tab which is why it is important to me to include visuals in all of my posts.

For my post on the Retttberg reading I chose Shaping Disscussions on Blogs – Prompting Discussions. I knew of a few examples I could use for this post which was why I chose it.  Tweeting has been pretty slow.  I don’t often think to tweet about what I am working on unless I just posted.  Otherwise things are going well and I am reaching out to different readers by tagging a variety of topics.