Weekly Review

I felt very good about the project two weeks about, but last week was kinda tough.  I was determined to post four times, which I did so that’s a win.  For some odd reason last week was just off for me.  I pushed through by posting drafts so that I was always posting things, and then go back to them to later and expand the post.  What gave me the most trouble this week was that I just couldn’t sit and write.  Additionally I didn’t feel invested in the topics I was writing about which probably was the source of my issues.  What I would do differently would be work on the post in shorter segments of time, and give myself time to reflect on what I’ve written before adding more to it and posting.  Post this past week include:

4/8 Chipotle Focuses on Promoting High Quality of Fast Food
4/10 Microwaving Food
4/13 What Benefits does Organic Food Offer?
4/13 The Many Forms of a Oat


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