Chipotle Focuses on Promoting Hight Quality of Fast Food

Chipotle is taking a new approaching at advertising, in fact they’re not even self-promoting their own brand. Through its show “Farmed and dangerous”, and two videos released on YouTube over the past two years Chipotle has taken on stance against traditional practices in the food industry. Through cause marketing Chipotle has been promoting raising the quality of fast food. This marketing strategy, Chipotle executives say, is not about “product integration,” but “values integration.”

Farmed and Dangerous,” a four part comedy series that takes a satirical look at industrial-scale farming. The common theme for Chipotle has been to not focus on their brand, rather than raising the quality of fast food.  “We’re trying to educate people about where their food comes from,” says Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing officer at Chipotle. But, he says, Millennials “are skeptical of brands that perpetuate themselves.”  The Chipolte original is available excusivly on Hulu.

The tv show is larger part of their… of their two videos that have been produced.  Over the past few years, the chain has released two short animated films on YouTube that highlighted the ills of factory farming.  The animation is superb and songs used in the videos have been sung by Willie Nelson and Fiona Apple.

Why is Chipotle putting all this money into ads that don’t directly advertising themselves? It’s not solely based on getting your name out, it’s all about linking its name with the strong Millennial values to eat better, eat local — and brand lightly. It’s all in the hopes that Millennials — who are the heart of Chipotle’s target customer — will make Chipotle’s better-for-you messaging go viral.


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  1. I came across that scarecrow ad before. Kind of spooky. I had trouble reconciling the fact that the subject matter was anti-corporate food, but it was created by Chipotle, which I believe is still owned by MacDonald’s… Oh, well, clever marketing for you. 🙂

    • When Chipotle was still small, McDonalds were investors in the company and owned a majority of share of the company, the but they sold their stock in 2006. Now Chipotle is publicly traded and they are trying to separate themselves from their association with McDonalds.

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