Weekly Review

This week went really well.  In order to make things easier on myself I have been compiling a list of topics on my phone whenever I have ideas for future posts.  This has been working pretty well and I have avoided that awful moment when you need to write a post but have no inspiration for a topic. The posts I did this past week consist of:

4/06 Coconut Water Wha’ts So Good About It?
4/05 Nuts, Far More Than a Tasty Snack
4/03 Smell has a Major Impact on Taste and Our Purchase
4/02 Drinking Your Calories Absentmindedly Leads to Weight Gain

Considering my experience in writing posts such as these I feel very proud of the posts I have created during this project.  I tend to write these as if I were writing and article.  I look at multiple sources, preferably ones from within a year, analyze the information and bring it all together in my own way.  For one post it takes me at least a few hours and based on that I think I’m doing good work and I pleased with the end product.

This past week there wasn’t any new advertisements to make posts about.  In order to find recent topics about advertising I have been using ad-week as my main news provider.  Ad-week is nice because they have this handy dandy food & beverage section.  Other advertising/marketing magazines I have looked into so far just don’t have the type of content I’m looking for.  So the only trouble I have come across is that sometimes there just isn’t any pop news about new ads.

Additionally I have learned that I need to make an effort to present all sides of the story, like with the coconut water story.  I shouldn’t just dismiss it as a product because no health benefits has been verified, it still is beneficial for hydrating and if someone likes the taste it is a great alternative to other sugar sweetened beverages.

I will continue to move forward in a similar manner with my posts.  Maybe I will try to do a post from one of my categories that isn’t used as much to add variety to my blog.


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