Review of Project

For my project I decided to continue blogging about food, nutrition, and marketing of food products.  My goal is for this blog to be informative and to inspire others to make healthy decisions and become more knowledgeable about the products they consume.  So far I did two posts about nutrition and one on marketing:

3/26 What’s the Deal With Fat?

3/28 New Chips Ahoy Ads Appeal to Kids?

3/30 Eggs: Why the Yolk is Good and the Breakfast Sandwich Trend

I enjoy doing research on the nutrition topics.

I enjoy the marketing posts the most because I can use my knowledge of consumer behavior, which fascinates me, to analyze how marketers are advertising their products.  Through my posts I would explain what they are trying to accomplish through their advertisements and how they manipulate our minds.  The trouble with marketing posts is that I would like to do them on recent ads and I can not assume that there will always be new sources of content in a timely manner.  However, I could do some research articles about the practices of advertising.

The trouble that I ran into was that I am really trying to push myself to write posts that are at-least 750 words.  In order to do this I look at multiple articles and try to fully cover each topic as much as I can.  The marketing posts will be relatively short and I will use them stay active on my blog while working on the longer posts on the side.



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