Eggs: Why the Yolk is Good and the Breakfast Sandwhich Trend

Eggs have been under the microscope of society for awhile now.  There are controversially opinions of  whether eggs are good for your health, bad for your cholesterol, or is it just the evil yolk that’s bad.  Formerly shunned because of their high cholesterol levels, it is now known that cholesterol levels in the blood are more affected by the fat we eat rather than cholesterol.  Even though eggs are no longer on the hook for having too high of cholesterol there is rising popularity in the use of egg whites, who have no where near the same nutritional benefits as whole egg.

Egg yolks have quite the list of nutrients.   Ascomposition-graphassociated with better neurological function and reduced inflammation, the yolk portion of an egg contains choline, an essential nutrient for brain health.  As a lean protein, about 6 grams, eggs are a great protein source because the protein found in an egg can be absorbed and used by the body.  This is a major bonus because eggs are cheap protein source.  The egg yolk is more beneficial than any other part of the egg.

There is no difference between the shell color whether its white or brown, the color is only representative of the bread of the chicken nothing related to health.  Another benefit is that they keep fresh for three months, with the shelf-life of about two months once it had made it though  the packaging process.

In fact, the Harvard Egg Study of about 120,000 people showed that even those who ate an egg a day did not have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. That led the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to conclude that consuming one egg daily doesn’t hurt your cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

One egg a day, on average, doesn’t increase risk for heart disease, they can be apart of a healthy diet.  Unless you have a condition and your doctor recommends staying away from eggs, you should include them in your regular diet.  Only the egg yolk contains cholesterol and saturated fat, so have as many egg whites as you want.

Egg whites have a few benefits over yolks but they also have some shortcomings.  Egg white products such as Egg Beaters are made from egg whites, which means they must be enriched to replace the large percentage of nutrients that come from the yolks.  All of the fat and cholesterol in a whole egg are found in the egg yolk, so an egg-white product can be a great way to lighten your meal by adding some egg whites to one or two whole eggs.

Egg whitegg-egg-whites-Aes have taken over the fast food breakfast menu, being added to sandwiches, wraps, and burritos.  Multiple quick-service chains have decided to get in on the breakfast food market.  By offering breakfast  restaurants are able to have more sales because they are open more hours.  Of course there is also a profit to be made, eggs are one of the highest profit-margin foods out there and breakfast offerings tend to be very cost-efficient to source and assemble. Since the introduction of the Egg McMuffin in 1971, which has long been the top sandwich in the chain morning world, McDonald’s has gained 20 percent of its sales on breakfast alone.  The ultimate goal for restaurants is inserting themselves into customers’ daily morning schedules, said Peter Saleh, a director and senior restaurant analyst at Telsey Advisory Group.

Meanwhile “healthier” items are being introduced to accompany the growning concern for healthier food options.  Some of the healthier breakfast sandwiches out there.  This has caused many  new items or reintroduced as a egg white options.  By using only egg whites companies are able to cut out a large amount of calories, fat and cholesterol, while sacrificing all the good nutrients.  Also there might be a lot more than just egg whites in your egg patty.



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