New Chips Ahoy Ads Appeal to Kids?

Stuck at number 2 Chips Ahoy trails behind Oreos in the cookie aisle, in order to gain new sales Chips Ahoy has introduced a new advertising initiative.  The re-branding includes a new theme, from an agency that is new to Chips Ahoy.

Earlier in March Chips Ahoy reintroduced their retired Cookie Guy to bring back the fun in their cookies.  The Cookie Guy has gotten a makeover, after not being used since 2010, just in time to celebrate the cookies 50th anniversary.  Cookie Guy, redesigned to look more human, is returning to embody a “brand spirit” that is “lighthearted, playful, slightly mischievous,” said the senior brand manager for Chips Ahoy!  The campaign featuring Cookie Guy consists of television ads either 15 or 30 seconds long.  The ads which initially come off as immature and lame humor, might just be so bad on purpose.  There are set up to appeal to the cookie maker’s target demographic: cookie-loving kids.children ads

The new Chips Ahoy! campaign will also help bring out new varieties of the brand under the name Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations, in four flavors: Dulce de Leche, mint chocolate chip, mocha chunk and root beer float.








Advertising to children has been taboo for quite a while but it still be commonly found.  Data collected by Common Sense Media in Advertising to Children and Teens: Current Practices show that when you add in websites, product placements and cross-promotions, kids are pretty much marketed to all day.   Kids ages 2-4 see an average of 25,6000 ads a year and 85 percent of companies that market food to kids had websites with content for children, like viral marketing, online TV ads and branded items for download.

As adweek said “It’s a good play for the kids who’ll clamor after the product. The moms who do the grocery shopping may not be so thrilled that the brand is egging on their little angels.”

Check out some of the ads below.





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