Weekly Review

I am comfortable saying I have the concept for wikis down and how they are beneficial.  The video was the most helpful in explaining the processes of a wiki.  Wikis aren’t very good at describe themselves because it is in their nature to link to many other things, so there is usually not one page that covers everything you need to know. All About Wikis

As far as actually working with a wiki I think that there is a lot to learn.  Like many things it has its own little world and I will have to learn the new lingo and practices of things.  The best way to learn this is to immerse yourself, so I will learn as I start to contribute to wikis this upcoming week.

It’s been kinda sad not writing posts as often.   I thoroughly enjoy writing on the topics that I have and there has been some ideas for new posts but because it is no longer an assignment, they fall to waste-side and other priorities move up the list.  Perhaps I should look into posting twice a week or something in-order to stay connected with my blog.


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