Winter Veggies

sproutsI must admit, I love Brussels sprouts, it’s true, they rank second behind scrumptious acorn squash.

Poor Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation, like sardines for insistence.  I’ve never had sardines but yet it has been said so many times that they are gross so naturally that it is generally what is believed.  When in actuality they can be really useful in cooking because they are naturally salty.  I haven’t tested this out yet but after watching 100+ cooking how-to’s I am open to using them, so far I just haven’t pick any up from the store.

Why you should you give Brussels sprouts a chance? Well they are: yummy, easy, and nutritious.  What more do you need?  Well you could add bacon I suppose to push things over the edge.  In order to make Brussels sprouts the yummy little treat they are they must be roasted until slightly browned and crispy on the outside, yet oh so creamy on the inside.  All that you need to do is pop the frozen little rounds, or fresh, into the oven and let them do their thing for half a hour.  There any many other ways to incorporate in them into other dishes as well.

Check out these other 10 forgotten winter veggies that deserve some more love.


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  1. I love Brussels sprouts! The first time I bought them fresh from a Farmer’s Market, though, I was amazed to learn that that they grew on a big stalk. /random

  2. I haven’t seen them person but the photos I’ve seen of them on stalks look pretty cool

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