How Cooking Can Change Your Life

This video was posted by The RSA that explains how to can your diet and start to eat well by simply cooking your own food.  It’s a quick summary of a event they held last year with author Michael Pollan.  He suggested that an important step to improve one’s health and well-being is to cook.  For more information you can check out to the audio and video.

I follow this practice myself.  Sure I had pizza two nights ago but I made the dough, added some shredded chicken breast that I also cooked, and had control of every item I put into it.  What are your thoughts on processed foods?

“Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself” Michael Pollan.



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  1. I agree with him 100% about how if you make your own fries you’ll probably only eat them every six weeks to two months. I know I probably wouldn’t make them that often, since I would want to be using my time to do other things. If there was a special occasion, I would certainly consider making them for that; just not as an everyday delight. Very interesting concept that I’ll ponder for a while. Do you make homemade pizza often?

    • I would say I make it a couple times a month. There’s something satisfying about making your own dough and the kneading process.

  2. Over the years I have gradually cut out foods that I don’t think are good for me. I love chocolate cake. Then I started making it myself, and I’ve only eaten it once in the last half a year or so. I make my own doughnuts, pies, chips, etc and I don’t eat nearly the amount of junk I used to. I also noticed that the less junk I ate, the more I wanted to eat better. “Eat crap, feel like crap.” I heard this variation of “You are what you eat” when I was a teen and it became a kind of mantra when I am grocery shopping.

    • Also once you start removing those foods from your diet you stop craving them as much, an added bonus. I definitely agreement with “eat crap, feel like crap.”

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