Fascination With Food

ramsayI have spent hours and hours watching shows about food ranging from how-to’s, how food products are made, eating competitions and so on. Today I spent many hours watching Gordon Ramsy’s Home Cooking and it made me question what is about food that makes it so entertaining.

Many shows are devoted all aspects of it, some involve celebrities that fail at cooking, others are competitions, or simply instructional.  Cooking is a part of a special categorie that unties all people across many regions, young to old, and men and women alike.  The seasonings and methods change, even the way in which meals are ate change but we all eat. 

“Food relating programming has exploded,” Adweek talks about how cooking shows have expanded throughout the years.Image

After watching many dishes be made I did a bit of cooking myself. I made a delicious pot pie for dinner.  If you have not made pot pit with puff pastry before I highly recommend it.  Extremely flaky, buttery, utterly delicious it will change your life, Laura Vitale opened up my mind to the scrumptious possibilities puff pastry. 


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  1. Food is so essential, yes, but so is breathing, and that’s not particularly interesting. But food… Food has meaning in a variety of contexts, and meaning can be placed in the items of food themselves (I’m not religious but my family is Jewish and Passover is pretty much awesome about the storytelling with food). I thin kit’s interesting that recipes can be created and developed over time, and I enjoy trying foods from different parts of the world. I am interested in an anthropological view of food and eating as well, like how something polite in one location is totally rude in another (socio-cultural factors, etc). I think that is just fascinating.

  2. And…now I’m hungry. 🙂 I guess I’ll have to go practice my own culinary skills.

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